@linuxliaison Something must be, I have only one relay, and the server has only been running for roughly a month. :thinking_beer:

@linuxliaison Well, you have more overall, I guess I just federate with more pondering instances :thinka:

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Don't use Windows if you value your privacy and user freedom.
Linux ftw.

#linux #windows #spyware

@idleDreams It's very frustrating, but what can you do about it... :weed:

@idleDreams Very little sleep, don't socialize in person, use voip while pursuing your interests.
I still don't get to pursue all of my interests

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What if we all chilled out and stopped accelerating the political extremes by smoking some joints?
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@marlon Okay, now I even feel bad about my current connection 😂
I have 300 Mbps up and down, and also 3 servers, but only one measly IP address assigned by DHCP (static lease, but still).
My Nginx reverse proxy makes it livable, though.

@bigl0af I have no idea, but I feel like their platform isn't necessarily beneficial for the rest of the fediverse, from a technical standpoint.
I tried to ask @a about some odd federation issue, but he never replied. Probably busy boosting people's pictures of nature. Or maybe they don't even see what we write. Who knows?

@marlon I couldn't even imagine going back to my internet connection from 3 years ago. The abysmal upload speed of ADSL would by far be the worst part.

@em It's people that are defective. They keep buying the stuff every year even if they're only removing features.

@bigl0af Unlikely. It seems like Gab is fine with being their own little island.

@tessaracked That said, fax.plus has one problem that most likely won't affect you, but is worth mentioning. In my country I'm now allowed to own phone numbers with an area code from a different region than the one I live in, and they don't offer any numbers in my area, so I've had to cancel my service there as well, as a number from a different country wasn't very useful for me. For the 6 months that I had my number, though, it was very reliable and I never experienced a fax not going through.

@tessaracked I've used efax.com and fax.plus.
Fax.plus is very good and allows you to either send faxes through their web interface or by emailing for instance +16692001010@fax.plus from the email you registered with. Price is about $5 /mo IIRC.
eFax uses the same e-mail system, but in my experience their service was very unreliable and canceling my service was a pain, as it had to be done on the phone during business hours. Their e-mail support simply told me they couldn't cancel it for me.

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@liaizon I disagree, but let's leave it at that.

@liaizon The funny part is that there is a stereotype about it which coincidentally fit well in with you mentioning the lack of the phrase "where's the bathroom?" in Duolingo's program. That's it.
It's fine if that's not the kind of humor you like, but you trying to tell me that I'm racist because of a joke isn't helping anybody, except perhaps real racists, as labeling harmless things as racist waters down the term and makes it more socially accepted.

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