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San Francisco just labeled NRA a terrorist organization. Why can't Trump just yeet California of the face of the earth.

@syrup It's the only one I've encountered so far. Would be nice with something that isn't locked down to the official mastodon regime.

@noyoushutthefuckupdad @sjw When you block everything at first sight and make up 99% of the story in your head, things can get sorta wild.

Enter the Gungeon, an accurate representation of my life 


I remember project Euler. That's a good idea for some fun, small projects to do.

hrt, psychoactive drugs
It really is great how much we can do with our measly computers and internet access.
If I could pick another time to be alive, I wouldn't.
I dearly hope learning new things never ceases to be fun :) I feel you about the bash scripts. I had one of these doing what I wanted to do to download WoW addons, too. (
Making something that other people could potentially benefit from, too, is a great motivator for me personally, though.
Programming anything is a big effort though. The most important thing is to keep having fun with what you're doing 😀 I think that a lot of the punishing aspects of C is what teaches you to program better if or when you start programming in a higher level language.
Besides these example programs you could make for the sake of learning more I think a good idea would be to try to make something that you're missing in your everyday computing life.
For instance I recently wrote a CLI utility to download World of Warcraft addons for me, as that doesn't really exist for us Linux users. ... next to all of the typical programs you'll end up making when following a tutorial or a book :) I'm also only programming as a hobby, out of personal interest.
I work as a sysadmin, and it gets me money, but in terms of fulfillment nothing beats programming, to me anyway.
I think something like a telnet server, tic-tac-toe (maybe online multiplayer?) or a FTP client could be something fun and diverse to make. Of course this kind of stuff would have to come second to learning the necessary features of the language, but it's a hell of a motivator to make something sort of useful ... A friend borrowed my K&R, so it's gone, too 😂
What specifically would be fun for you to write I'm not sure of, but you could perhaps pick something from these /g/ programming challenges. One of the things I've done in C to get back into it was a brainfuck interpreter. Have you given yourself any fun projects to do in C? At least I find that to be the best way to force myself to learn a new langauge. C is one of those things everyone should learn. Go for it!

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